TS Commerce Developers

Storeden Apps

With Storeden applications you can integrate third-party services,
directly into the management panel of Storeden Shop.
All applications are available to the merchant within an iframe of a particular size.

Create a new app

1 Authenticate
Login or register on Storeden Developers portal

2 Create new app
Select Apps from the navigation bar, and click on Create new app

3 Choose a name
On modal window you need to enter your applications name.
Some restrictions are applied.

4 Configure App Details
On the next page you must fill all required fields, in order to start using Storeden Apps.

How application works

The storeden applications allow the merchant to manage and use third-party services without having to change management panel.
When the merchant install the application inside his shop,
Storeden communicate via http POST call the confidential access codes that identify the store.
These keys will be transmitted to the url set in the registry for the "Auth URL."

Example of keys POST:
POST https://your.awesomeservice.com/your-application-auth-url


When the merchant will open the application, Storeden will generate an iframe url set and identified as embed url
with the parameter instance setted to store identifier.

Apps permissions

The storeden applications can choose what type of permission request.
Permits read-only give access only to API of type GET.
The read and write permission to give full access to the store API.

Apps Policy

All Storeden applications must comply with the standards described here to ensure a pleasant experience to the merchant.
If an application is not compatible with the standards. Storeden can forcibly remove it from the system and blocking the developer account of those who created the application.

Apps Call Limit

Any application that communicates with Storeden Connect API has a limit of 100,000 calls to the store within 24 hours.
If you expect that your application can perform a greater number of calls, please contact us.
Together with our support team be evaluated a rise of your calls available.

Apps Call Type

Any API call must be send body with the type setted to : x-www-form-urlencoded