TS Commerce Developers

Reviews API

Current version: v1.1

List shop reviews

    "orderID": "iNwf301n3r0qwfdn",
    "star": 5,
    "text": "Good products",
    "date": "2016-11-17T15:51:54+01:00",
    "id": "582dc40a16f46aa8560e9b8f",
    "object_id": 155347

Add review

Add a new review to the system. Warning: this will be marked as "unverified"

object_id required (ProductUID | "shipping" | "store") Identify what kind of review is about
star required (int) Accepted values: 1 to 5
message (string) Customer message
public_name (string) Customer public name, default empty
timestamp (timestamp) June 06th, 2019 A valid UNIX timestamp
  "id": "582dcb6316f46aa2560e9b90"

Get statistics

Get summarized info about your shop reviews

  "count": 191,
  "star": 4.8