TS Commerce Developers

Search Engine API

Current version: v1.1

Search Engine (products)

categoryUID (int) Category Identifier ( /categories/list.json )
brandUID (int) Brand Identifier ( /brands/list.json )
keywords required (string) Product search string
params (array) Associative array of param nane and param index
price_low (float) Minimun product price (filter), must be used with price_high specified
price_high (float) Maximum product price (filter), must be used with price_low specified
tags (array) Search product by specified tag(s)
eg: ?tags[]=test&tags[]=colorful search for product with test or colorful tag
Search Engine (products) Request

$storeden = new Storeden\Storeden($config);
$search_response = $storeden->get('/search-engine/products.json');
Search Engine (products) Response

    "product_count": 5,
    "search_url": "http://test-shop.com/shop/complex/-/brand/-/?title=test",
    "products": [
            "code": "0041",
            "taxprofile": "590f226416f46a4c6f378822",
            "uid": 1123934,
            "title": "Test Item",
            "slug": "test-item",
            "description": "",
            "taxable": 0,
            "brandUID": 0,
            "categoryUID": [
            "stockCount": 0,
            "price": 12.2,
            "final_price": 12.2,
            "score": 0.6,
            "permalink": "http://test-shop.storeden.com/product/1123903",
            "picture_url": "https://egress.storeden.net/jpg/590f226416f46a4c6f378822"